Winter Training, Base miles and Preparation for 2011

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I am sitting here watching the F1 qualifying in Singapore, which is a fantastic spectacle. The night time racing and floodlights make it an amazing race to watch and the I personally find it interesting how the drivers keep their body clocks on European time and eat/sleep at odd hours so manage the night time racing. I will be watching the race tomorrow hoping that Jenson Button (@The_Real_JB) can put in another performance. Only 4 races to go until the end of the F1 season and it is still really close at the top of the driver’s Championship.

On a similar theme of World Championships, I have finished the two most recent YouTube videos. One is from RG Active Coach (@Marsha_RGA) recent trip to Budapest for the age group World triathlon Champs. The other video is of the World’s biggest DUATHLON ( held in Richmond Park. RG Active were ‘Official Training provider’ to the event in 2010 and look to continue our relationship with the event in 2011.

Please watch the videos and enjoy……..

Above: Marsha’s ITU World Triathlon Championship Race Video.

Above: London Duathlon Race Video 2010

Ok, onto the subject of this BLOG. Winter Training, base miles and preparation for 2011. It is that time of year when most people have come to the end of the summer season. Hopefully it has been a successful summer, now is the time you look back and take all the positive and not so positive parts of the season and use it all to become a better athlete going forward. Remember you can often learn more from a bad race than you can from a good race, so you never really have a bad race.

If you have had a busy summer of racing now should be a time of REST and RECOVERY. I will always recommend athletes having at least TWO WEEKS OFF after their last race of the summer season. Triathletes especially, have a hard time slowing down and having time off, but you benefit hugely from some time off before you begin the long winter BASE MILES that start the PREPARATION for next season.

What are BASE MILES?

The winter period is the time you do all the hard work, the ground work, you build the foundation from which you can work from when the summer starts to come around again in April/May time (pre-season). Base miles and winter training should all be longer in duration than a lot of the work you do in the summer, but because the duration is longer the intensity should be much lower, so you can endure the duration.

For those of you that are more serious about winter training it is also time to start thinking about getting yourselves ‘TESTED‘. By this I mean a VO2 Metabolic fitness test. This test is designed to tell you all of your bodies parameters allowing you to know what intensities you can and should train at to get the most from your Winter.

I always my the winter training FUN. I use it as a time to ride with people, to run with groups and generally enjoy my training because the intensity is taken from the training and this enables a greater level of abilities to train together, this can help bring on lesser athletes and build great atmospheres amongst Teams and Clubs.

As a triathlete the winter is also a time to try new things (X-Train) and do things that are still exercise but break from the usual SWIM, BIKE and RUN that you do every day of every week through the summer. At RG Active we introduce kayaking to the winter schedule as well as group rides and cross country running to name but a few things.

Through the winter RG Active offer a number a NEW sessions as well as continuing our ever popular sessions that we run year through. Please check out some of the links below for links to the relevant pages of the RG Active website….. let us help you enjoy and get the most from your winter’s training.

Now is also the time to start thinking about getting bike serviced and making sure it is in perfect working order before you ask it to endure the harsh British winter. If you would like to get your bike serviced before the cold weather sets in pay a visit to RGActive’s partners at SSCentre for possibly the best service your bike will ever receive!

Bicycle Maintenance Workshops – CLICK HERE

Hampton Pool swim sessions – CLICK HERE

EAST London Winter group rides – CLICK HERE

SW London Winter group rides – CLICK HERE

SW London Brick/Duathlon/Transition sessions – CLICK HERE

Training Races (triSWIMMING Open Water Race) – CLICK HERE

Right, I am going to finish watching the end of the Singapore F1 qualifying, so I hope you have all enjoyed my BLOG and while I enjoy the F1 and my DAY OFF of training, I will say ‘goodbye’.

See you all soon,

John (@RGActive)

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